Friday, July 6, 2012

Casas by John Isaac Watters

This is the first of my utterly biased reviews. These are reviews where I have a connection with someone involved in the album, so my opinion is already set in their favor.

I’ve known Isaac since high school, though back then I played music with his brother Joel in high school jazz bands, and explored haunted hotels on Academic Decathlon trips with Isaac. Both Isaac and Joel started playing a lot of interesting acoustic music while out in California with their group Still Watters Run Deep. As this group dissolved with Joel’s moving away, the musicians and relationships have persisted.

In this second solo album, John Isaac’s unique vocal style and sophisticated songwriting really shine. As with much of the rest of his songwriting, these tracks really create vivid images of a stylized Southwestern life. In contrast to the first album, Parachute Tramps, this new work is stripped down to the bare minimum instrumentation, a move which displays the fundamental quality of the songwriting at play.

I’ll pay some money for this one when I get home tonight.

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